Consulting to small businesses in the office, in the plant, and in the field.

Strategic Planning and Marketing: Software Industry

Shortly after Gail came to work with Printable Technologies it was apparent to all that she would be a significant contributor to the success of the company; she drove a number of strategic planning sessions and, at the same time, delivered numerous tactical projects. Gail was responsible for a wide variety of projects including developing all major marketing campaigns, which generated thousands of leads for the company.

Gail takes personal responsibility for her work; and she works well with others but is equally competent in taking the lead on a project and working independently with minimal direction. On top of all this, Gail is a good person; she is an asset to any company or project she is associated with.

As an example of Gail’s multiple skills, she was responsible for the following projects:

  • Developed all major marketing campaigns and generated thousands of leads for the company.
  • Delivered dozens of direct mail/PURL campaigns.
  • Promoted road shows, seminars, and trade shows with direct mail, email, and personal landing pages.
  • Managed three major press events at national trade shows, all of which exceeded attendance targets.
  • Coordinated email announcement distribution for sales and customer service departments.
  • Authored a wide variety of case studies.
  • Created and distributed scores of press releases.

Without question, I can recommend Gail Nickel-Kailing.

Coleman Kane
President & CEO

Marketing Strategy: Printing Industry

PacBlue Printing had the great pleasure of working with Gail Nickel-Kailing.

Gail’s professionalism, organization, competence, and dedication to her craft were a great asset to our organization and we wholeheartedly recommend her without any reservation.

She played the lead role in assisting us to develop a strategic cohesive marketing strategy as well as playing a lead role on both our rebranding as PacBlue Printing and the design and roll out of our new website. During this time, Gail took charge and ensured all of our various marketing activities were consistent with our brand and placement strategy.

Under Gail’s leadership and guidance, PacBlue developed a cohesive new brand strategy across all channels and successfully increased our reach into lesser-served customer segments as well as helped to increase the market knowledge of our full breadth of services beyond our traditional core services.

With our new brand and web presence in place, we saw web traffic increase 175%, unique visitors increased 140% and page views increase 75% while average time spent on the site per visitor increased 65%.

Gail’s depth of knowledge in regard to the printing industry and her superior writing skills were both invaluable to us.

Jonathan Colley
Owner, President & CEO

Content Editing

I was one of those writers who thought my writing was good enough to publish. Then I made the best investment for my book-writing and prolific blogging: I call Gail Nickel-Kailing my “Angel Editor.” Nothing leaves my computer without her edits.

Gail does so much more than line edits, commas, and proofing. She channels my voice, adds content to my marketing pieces, and calls out when something makes no sense at all. I feel kind of guilty since so many people comment on my terrific writing but they don’t know about my secret weapon named Gail.

Dana Manciagli, Cut the Crap! Get a Job,

Book Editing

Your commitment to our project meant so much to all of us. Thank you for putting such heart into your work!

Mary Beth Cozza, Helen B. Hempel, Jodi Hempel, Life: the Next Phase

Content Editing

I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for some things that might not directly be on your radar, but important to acknowledge nonetheless.

While our formal engagement came in the context of writing a book/blog/website, you have actually had a major impact in some other areas that I wanted to ensure you were aware.

I have found a ton of value in our many conversations… from mind-maps to hype-cycles to People/Planet/Profit… I’ve learned a lot… and I’m glad we met.

James DeBragga, DC1 Consulting,

More Kind Words…

Leslie Kain, VP/Consultant, Growth Strategies, Nicodemus Communication Group LLC

Gail is one of those rare persons who can very quickly recognize when the emperor has no clothes, yet remain diplomatic about it! She understands the complexities, interdependencies and dynamics of organizations, business and people, and can design and execute a winning strategy for marketing any idea or product she believes in. On top of all that, Gail is quick, has a rich intelligence, great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with.

James  Yarborough, Multichannel Marketing Automation and Mailing Expert

There are two things necessary to become an expert in your field. The first is the intellectual capital to embrace and overcome all the challenges within the scope of your profession. Second, is the passion it takes to become a student of your industry. The only way you can really excel in the first is to be ferocious in your pursuit of the second. In this respect I can truthfully say that Gail is one of the best I have ever met. I lean on her for advice and direction and she is a true friend and a mentor.

Emma Zumsen, Director of Digital Media, Starworks Group

Gail is one of the most knowledgeable people involved in the print industry. Her observations and perspective are the result of well rounded research as well as a sincere curiosity about business development and all things print. Beyond her business acumen she is a genuine and honest voice whose opinion I can always trust.

Christopher Wells, EVP, DS Graphics, Inc.

Gail is in the top 2% of all writers in the graphic arts space. Her articles are insightful and relevant. Her marketing vision is keen and I’ve witnessed her add significant value to a brand.

Gail is a fantastic interviewer as well. Her style is friendly, colloquial yet direct. She is able to get her subjects to open up and pulls out meaningful points.